August 14, 2009

Our 1st fight, my 2nd competition

Lets all dance with our hearts and let everyone feel it.. and shine.

Come and join in the excitement of Suntec Dance 2009! This highly anticipated annual dance competition is back and bigger than ever!

Contestants stand a chance to win more than $37,000 worth of prizes, including a trip to Melbourne for the Open Group winners - to compete in and represent Suntec City Mall in the World Supremacy Battlegrounds 2009!

Junior Solo: aged 12 and below
Open Solo: aged 13 and above
Open Group: 4 to 8 members of any age per group

Audition: 15 Aug 09 - 1pm @ Galleria Square
Heats: 29 Aug 09 - 1pm @ Galleria Square
Semi Finals: 5 Sep 09 - 1pm @ Galleria Square
Grand Finals: 20 Sep 09 - 5 pm @ Fountain of Wealth

The closing date for registration is 9 Aug 09, so get your dancing shoes and shuffle your way to fame! Registration forms are available now at all Customer Service Desks at Suntec City Mall, or you can download at


Since Danceworks 2008, it's been very long since I joined a competition.

This time it feels ever more exciting and it makes me grow. I've learned to understand dance in another way, it's not only you but that's a bond. This bond makes us work really hard and wants to strive ever furthur.

Re:Flec days..

Everytime I hear Machi songs I'll think of us as the Taiwan crew. I really enjoy that kind of bonding and teamwork. It's feel great with the gold jersey too. Check this out!

And this is my favourite picture.

Presenting Re:Flec! Thanks Beverly, Jiarui, Justin, Kenny, Tyron, Sandra and Yismin. We've got the black apple :D

This time round is with my Basic Instinct peeps.

I find it pretty amazing how we came together or say from stranger to a team. I really appreciate how this chance came about. Let's all work hard and do our best for tomorrow yes!?

..and for certain reason, my love for you guys is growing too.

Dance with our hearts, and enjoy (:
Go Audrey, Veron, Bryant, Jonas, Keiths, Kevin, Martin and of course me! Thanks Rahim and Jaylene for guiding us. Go Crew of Authority(especially baby Thoo!), Foreign Bodies, TPDE, NRA and EVERYONE ELSE!


Everyone shine, like tourch lights.

Let's do this.

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