June 5, 2009

Watch Dance

***videos from jesslim's youtube

That day I went to support fellow Fbodz mates who joined "Live it Up without Lighting up" Hip Hop dance competition. All of them did pretty well and as usual videos!

Presenting Shut Up Boys.

Next, Hybreed.

Style Fo' Shizzle!

I seriously dont like the buzzing sound at the background, but I dont really know how to edit. Sigh. I still miss my old sony camera that can take really nice videos.

Aftermath, some mons and I went to watch Momentum 2009.


Now let me tell you a story, or perhaps those pictures depicts a story.. or rather I feel it depicts my thoughts..

In this dance world, it's amazing how much it brings people together. Most of them share the same passion, some join and learn 'cos of friends.. most importantly dance makes them happy. It's like some kind of strings that ties people together. But ironically people come and go.. it stills brings people apart.

It's amazing how much dance change me. It change me to become a better person or say more confidence than I used to. I still remembered I was such a quiet girl that people hate me for that. I'm still quiet but HAH, you know what I mean.

It's also 'cos of dance that I meet several important people and good friends (though in the midst of dance, I've lost some). It add up colors to my life and there's an aim. And 'cos of coincidence, it ties Thoo and me together. Dance not only ties our mind together but also our souls. Though we only dance once together before, it's nice knowing we got a common interest and how much it values in our heart..

Maybe, it's some kind of motivation for me to continue dancing.

Do you feel it? (:

Just like dance, you make me happy. Everytime I got nervous and skip a beat.. just like how much when I was on stage, performing.

This love is conquering.
Under the moonlight, we dance.

It's my breath
you're taking
it's my heart
you're capturing.

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