June 3, 2009


Another phase of life coming up, more excitement?

糊涂与天使(Blurry and Angel) =D

Today marked a month Thoo and I've been together. Time flies pretty fast and now after Momentum 2009, he's gonna be busy again. Me? I pretty have no idea except working and dance once in a while. Anyway saw the cute bear? I sew a shirt for him and gave it to boy duruing Momentum. Hehe.

Before I've a last look of the bear.. Camwhore!

Nice nice? Heheh.


Aza aza for everything! I know you can ya! I'll stay by your side and watch over you.. and hopfully you can watch over me too. Lol. Thanks for always waiting for me till late nights when my work end late, really appreciated and you're already so tired.
Loves! (:


Recently I've also turned into "Harry Potter".

My graduation day..

Saw my name? Now you know my full name! HAHAH.

With Leslie.

With Ying Zheng.

With Limin.

with Jeremy.

I just lack a wand.

On stage! And seriously I miss this stage. Suddenly I recalled the times during production, and then my first performance during junoirs days.. from AM to PM.

She's the hotest Mum ever.



Xuan Hong.




Graduation bear! =D

I really miss the days at poly. I miss and thanks each and everyone of my classmate who by pass my life and changes them. I miss each and everyone in Foreign Bodies that help me improve and let me understand dance more. Till now, I hope I'll always understand that "Dance is not to impress, but to express."

Time flies and now I'm in this working society, I feel so old. Tsk tsk.


Then I went to club or say really wanted to club for the first time.

I went to meet some of the peeps after reggae class. It was free entry due to Jezz knowing the person there? We're guests or something.

Martin with his dope wrist band.

Ah J.

Trying to be scary? Lol.

They say FBodz style.. caps.


Wednesday Crew.

Hopfully more meetup soon. I'm a lazy bum.


Then I was so frustrated that day that I scold vulgar and throw clothes. This week is non-stop BODY and it means facing BRAS and UNDIES. My shift all morning and I've to continuously open stock. I seriously hope GSS end soon. Nbcb. Lol.

Yesterday I have a fall during work. I slipped and hit my ass straight. The metal went bend and i said OUCH. HAHAHHA. Luckiky it was early morning and no one in the shop.

Shhhh... I'm that clumsy, like humpty dumpty.

Boy, you're so fine.

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