April 14, 2009


It's becoming a mess; I cant control and I cant see.

I want nobody nobody but chu~~

After watching Groove In the West yesterday, this song become so addictive. This remix feels so emo but then I pretty prefer this more than the normal version. And talking about that, I'm pretty amaze by Pink Dollar$ dancing to this.. They werent so girlish for once but lyrical hip hop. Woo, nice.

I went to watch Singapore Best Dance Crew too and it was so pack I can only watch from far. Those blanglas are so irritating that they surround the whole place. Joyce and the boys are great!

Some pictures taken..

They are so hot and cute.

Kinder Joy. 3x the surprise, 3x the joy.

Eileen. You dance really well!

Alvin, neighbour (:

Xiao Qiang, long time no see.



Some who went to watch too (:

Sigh, I'm back to reality again.

I've got no more vacation anymore. I miss the days at Taiwan where all we did was eat and shop. Perhaps dance for certain days. It feels so carefree and you dont need to bother much. Now I've to kick my ass and start working, I've to earn big moolahs. Maybe one day I can save up to buy a cow. Or anyone kind enough to spare me a cow?

And you know what? I'm dreaming of the impossible.

I dont want
nobody body.

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