February 24, 2008

Past Tense.

I'm using my old computer now, as in the one at the living room(I always use the one in my Bro's room). I found alot of old pictures.. mostly the 2006 ones.

Some Random thoughts..

I wanted to be one in a million, i did it 'cos there's only one Jessica Lim in the whole world who look like this and so silly. I hope Re:Flec would be one in a million(as in being the brightest star) during Danceworks 2008. Go go! LOVE YOU GUYS :D ..& Jona one in a million BF i chosen. LOVE LOVE too, HEH.

I didn know i was so poem-tic last time. I could actually come out with the above(point) with my own name.. what exactly was i thinking last time? Hmms..

That's possible one of my ALMOST longest possible hair. 'Cos i cant control and keep on cutting.. and now i've to put on this extensions with alot of clips for this 'MY-WHOLE-LIFE-NEVER SO-LONG-HAIR'. Lol. I pretty like yellow nails too, maybe alot.

I can actually draw out such a cute shoe of when boy meet girl.. i wonder if i can draw any now..

And i didn fall in love although i wore that IN LOVE shirt.

I took this when there was a gathering at Sakura at Sciene Centre. I swear a stop/A STOP to love.. but it never happens then.

My first job in Retail line.. thinking about it, that was my longest job 'cos i stay in that company for 11 months. AND THEN, the change of management/bias-ness against chinese/part timer who work very little hours.. i was SACKED. Wonderful..

My first exchange program or a visit to Japanese school when i was still in Sakuran Club. This was at a Japanese School and it was really fun, i enjoy and the memories gonna be unforgettable.

This is called "Qing Tian Wa Wa"(Sunshine doll). I thought it could really bring sunshine but it never 'cos i cope home that doll from that pole. LOL.

Bubble burst dont they? ..like how dream burst? For me it didn, cos i stood there looking at it for very long.. it didn burst even when i walked away..


Now for the present, i'll stay like this. Tweety from the past but will keep track of my present too :D

Tweety(not any Tweety though) is my favourite soft toy since primary four.

Alamak, Maths on Monday and i haven study nuts. I'm thinking for this semester, i may fail this paticular module.. GOD BLESS. Tomorrow a last minute shopping for costumes for Danceworks too.


The black apple
Damn baby damn
I believe i can

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