January 13, 2008

Open House 2008.

Everyone did a great show for the audiences out there.. We perspire, cheer and scream together. Lol. Although i feel i can have do better(cos i'm lack of energy + nervous), i still enjoyed myself. The preparations, practices and performances bond alot of us together. The gap gets smaller.. Teehee :D

Time for pictures.. and tsk tsk, i didn take much pictures with the guys, even boyfriend :(

They said that pose is hip hop. (It's actually a video in youtube of a guy having his hand surgical surgery into that Bboy-stance, a comedy.) Hah.

Jacky came. Heh.

The only photo for the open house at the atrium with him. Shrugs.

Now pictures with the (mostly)girls from Open House Day two - three. We wore black for Day two, and red for the last day.

That's Diane, Andrea and me.

Jeanie, Jasmine and me.

There's this "competition" ongoing after the performance. The one who is not-so-on-beat, worst musicality wins. LOL. Ian was the host together with several judges.

I found out my pose was ugly. I dont exactly know how to pose so everytime i just tilt my head that i look a little weird. Hah.

After we saw this red mat and we decided to take pictures.

I look squeezed. LOL.

Pretty Scandalous and we look like lesbians. I cant help stop laughing when taking all this pictures. But i like the reddddddddddd. :D

The guy in the red. Presenting Ypeng, Rui and Tyron.

The shampoooooooooo girls.

Last but not least,


AHHH, too much pictures already. Especially with the reds. And it's also been awhile since i take pictures with so many people, the feeling is great.

I'm starting to miss the busy days.



Dance to express
not to impress.

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