August 8, 2007


OmFggggg, the first two paper is a killer. Now i'm stress 'cos of animation project due on Friday and then the third paper for common test.

Keep aside that, some overdue Webcam pictures :D


Color us - Andee, Jacky and Jess.

Mighty Andee. Ehehe.

Weee, we love webcam and aerobics room.


Fun at Koufu after supporting senoir's performance.

Friday, 04 August

Sadako returns. HAH.

The messy messy us.


The sepia world.

Twist! Juna, Jess, Eileen, Vivian.

YEA, I love you guys. <3 FBODZ.

I dont know why i suddenly miss every one so much, i guess it's the exam peak period.. no meetings and etc. And 'cos practice is cancel and will resume probably after exam. AZA AZA for everyone! Senoir, junoirs.. great grand senoir and BLAH! =D

I love my classmates too!

and check out my CLASS BLOG. It's created by me, but i seldom update. So.. HAH.

And yes, thanks Justin, Jona and Deryck to visit me during work some time back. GREATLY APPRECIATED. :D

Anyway nowdays i've a bad habit.. i start to go shopping alone and i make myself feel rather lonely. Tsk tsk. I just dont know who can i ask to shop or go around.. but doesnt need a reason.

Hello, i want to love you and eat you up..


If i can gobble
If i can wobble
If i can juggle
If i can wiggle
i wanna..

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