May 17, 2007

I'm missing phologger(spells?).

And i'm silly but kind of happy.

..but hello, i'm meet with a lot of mishaps this days.
#1 Wood got into my thumb and it get swollen.
#2 My shorts got torn at the side, and i've to buy a new one.
#3 Spill my food gravy while i'm eating, moreover i'm wearing WHITE.
#4 Having first(or all) Fbodz practice clashing with my night classes.
#5 Not checking my email before Sunday(13 May).
#6 Got scolded by dad for using the computer.
#7 And not able to do for test 'cos i know nuts.

Lucky SEVEN come come!

HELLO, imu.

If the ride dosent end
If the time stop
If the warmth last
If the feel goes on
that 'll be when
as long as possible
come into place.

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