May 19, 2007

Hello, let the pictures talk.

I think counting the days when blogger was sick(where uploading of photos is unavailable).. it gonna means i will upload a whole chunks of pictures..

8th May 2007

It was the day when Fbodz "annouce" the results for audition.

Saw me jump? That explains how excited i was when i saw my name on the list. It was something more, something that make me fly like i strike some lottery. Somehow i feel that they give me the chance, and thanks you guys. Greatly appreciated.

And this is Trix and Jess, showing our nerdy side.


That Tuesday also marked the last day of Hip Hop II. Gin hurt her back so Daniel replaced her last lesson. We did some recording and of course pictures! Tsk tsk, i look so weird with the only picture with Gin.. and i ask Daniel to do the same facial expression as me. HAH.

Speaking of Daniel, he makes me feel motivated and want to dance.. i think he's the intructor i like best.

9th May 2007

I went to watch Spiderman3 with TY. I think it's been quite some time since i saw him.. and prolly the first time we talked so much, and the first time we went out together. All in all, it was the first time i watched movie at Vivocity.

And RAWR, he doesnt allow me to take pictures.. oh well. Besides that.. both of us think Spidey is quite boring, except for some fighting scenes.

14th May 2007
I went for Monday open class, after wait for Nickz.. then session with Jermym and Marcus. Bumped into Jessica(Jezz), Jacky, Charyle and Guowei. It happen that all of us wear white top except Nickz. And we sorta get mad over pictures.

Two Jessica-s and we both got short hair now. Ehehe.

We're the superHEROS. EHEHE.

One, two, three, four, FIVE. HELLO, i kind of like this picture.

Jessica-s caught in action. MUACKS.

Charyle, Jezz and Jess. We're the hardworking people.

I look kind of retarded but oh well. BLAH.

HIIiii, IMMA SUPERGIRL.. fly with me?

14th May 2007(cont..)
Some webcam shots from Jacky's lappy. We all laugh so hard 'cos of the effects. the last train home, and then the last bus too.


End of photo-taking for the day. WOO.

Speaking of Fbodz, i was rather shock to see everyone being so enthusiastic. Everyone seems to be a great dancer, with confidence and etc. Will i be like one too? ..and i'm lucky there's another practice on Thursday.

I feel the stiffness and shivering of my bones.. why cant i let go?

Dance, i need to.

We live on front porches and swing life away
We get by just fine here on minimum wage
If love is a labour ill slave til the end
I wont cross these streets until you hold my hand

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