March 22, 2007

Your everything i wanted it to be, if you could only see.

I miss you like shalala.

Okay, i bought my webcam already. Currently i keep showing off my brother piles of comics.. and my favourite toy - the big astro boy and tweety. Lol.

Screenshot with Dennis. LOL.

Screenshot with YT, click on the second one and read. HAHAH. Tweety and Hello Kitty. Cute ar? Heh.

I sort of lost myself just now. I cant really dance when i'm distracted, or say i cant really dance at this stage. Discourage, disheartened.. whatever words that describe me. I really need to buck up, this time i cant give up.

Can i feel it?

I cant say how
is you that makes me stumble
I cant say how
is you that makes me smile
I cant say how
is you that i want to see.

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