March 19, 2007

Sweet stuffs is useless.

Okay, i'm back to update after three days.

On thursday, went out with besties. We went to Bugis then to Vivo city. I'm sorta sick of Vivo city already, 'cos it's so so so so boring. But i haven go to the cinema before! Shrugs.

Our reflections.

Love you all. =D

Our neoprints like after 38292866 days.

Please pardon us while we get ready to serve you better.

Our shadows. WEE.

On Friday, went out with mum to town. I treat her Sakura and she treat me hair treatment. Ehehe.

A blurry shot.

Saw that curtain? I went to visit Wen at her workplace. Black label at Heerens, do support her! Though i didn buy anything. Lol.

Some mad shot.

On saturday, work as usual. I'm quite happy 'cos some peeps came to visit me. Thanks Ben, Danny, Dennis and YT! GREATLY APPREACIATED. After work, YT came to find me.. and we walk from Marina Square to Esplanade, Esplanade to Fullerton Hotel, Fullerton Hotel to dont-know-where, then to Raffles Place mrt station. HAH.

For your information, a cotton candy wasnt so nice 'cos it sticks to your teeth and make your hand sticky. Lol. But cotton candy is fun. Tsk tsk.

Okay, he look like an alien invaded from some place.

And i'm trying to climb up the wall. LMAO.

Here's our combination of standing in mid air, and trying to be emo shot.

Presenting ROXY.

On sunday, went to meet Yang. We went over to Sentosa 'cos there a korean star and she's mad over him. I had a very long wait frm 2 30 - 3 30, and then went home alone from sentosa. I feel like such a loner wandering her and there. And then i think, everytime i meet someone at Vivo City, they bound to be late by an hour or more. And wth wont i get angry?

She's really anxious.

Yes, the star.

The props crew. Lol.

He smokes, and Yang told me all koreans smoke.

The actress.

Him again.

Here's some shots with Yang,

She's pretty.

And it's very long since i wear this top.

Bleah, showing off my tongue.

This days i have been missing this particular, alot. I walked home yesterday from Yew Tee, with the ice cream in my hands. I went home, mum prepare some desserts. I ate alot of sweet stuffs but it doesnt make me feel better.. instead i feel like crying.

My nails were yellow, so i went to draw smileys. Hah. Some say i'm physcho. My brother call me a weirdo.

Whatever kind of person i am, i just want to be happy.

Seriously, i dont know what power he got to make me feel this. And i wonder there's millions of people in this world, and this special attraction down to one.

I like you, can you feel it?

A secret to be revealed
and that's you.

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