December 5, 2006

I've got a mail.

From my exchange partner Hakamata Noriyuki! My first Japanese friend. So.. he gonna be my pen pal yea? I shall hunt something and send to him! BUT i never send things overseas before. ;p

With lots of love. I bet he spend quite some time to develop the photos, and then to buy a memo pad. GREATLY APPRECIATED.. and i remembered him sending me an email that English is hard.

(I'm talking about yesterday, 04 December o6.)
During class yesterday, Liting and Zhihui have the throwing egg thing. They drew their eggs really cute and so..

Do you like it to be happy or sad?



I'm happy. Then i'm..

SAD. lol.

Anyway, that same group of guy asked for my number again. I gave them my mail 'cos it's hard to explain why i dont want to give them my number. Or, i just dont know them well enough.

I met Yang at Bugis, then we went over to Vivo city. It's like ages since we see each other, i think prolly half a month. I heard that she've retained. Then she told me her father keep her computer, and she cant used. She told me her father keep the dvd player, and she cant watch dramas/movie. Her father dont let her to work too but asked her to study. So she sleep her holidays away.

Christmas is coming yes?

The first shot.

I dont look nice with teeth but i shant care. =E (and Yang got the same expression, or i press the camera too fast? ;p)

And more pictures!

With red post man.

Do we look like depression? LOL.

The housefly wanna-bees.

Here are some abstracts taken when we're lying one the ground. Unglam but happy is enough. =D

Nice? Heh.

And this is how we look..


I found this bubble on the floor and something pop in my mind. That is to try my artistic skills.. LOL. Anyway, the bubble didn even burst when we went away.


I dont know why the maid is in the pic, but oh well.. i think she looked at the camera. Hahah. Nice shot yea?

That's me..

Watch the bubbles, they're burst. CHIBABOOM.

That'a Yang,

With the bubble of hers.

Although there's only two of us.. we still can take our full body with the help of timers. Heh.

The horizontals.

The vertical.

To end..

Check out the skinny snowman! Merry Christmas!


Bring me fly,
bring me high,
bring me dope.

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