June 13, 2006


time machine is jam, in there.

i wanna sleep but then i feel that i should blog. met eugenia like on sunday cos she going to malaysia for few days. she extended her hair at jean yip and it look nice yea.. feel a little tempted to make hair extensions too. BUT it's kinda expensive and i think i should just let it grow naturally.



we happened to saw this BIG doll around the shopping mall. shock aint it? hahaha. this is ma friend yuki. =D

and this is hiro.

eugenia and yuki, with their tongues showing BLEAHX.

in between the them! xD


i'm going sentosa in hours time. as in after a sleep.. LOL. i wonder how many people will go and i am kinda scared yet excited. imagine having at least two ogls from fifteen different classes. so, that make at least THIRTY people? let's calculate.. if each classes.. at least two people go, altogether plus the ogls, that will be around SIXTY. lol! maybe the number of humans appearing aint much and all is what i imagine. o_o.

i gonna become charcoal color again, and people will say "you look like you am mal-nutrition, eat more LAH". and i think.. da darker skin color makes you more skinny. hmms, as in how you look when you're wearing black as compare to white.. eh?


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