December 14, 2003

so.. me no go sentosa today.. wah. lolx. i think this raining season here.. it's not a suitable time for outing like that. cos it is like rainin non-stop. so me go pasar malam walk walk. hehe. actually wanna buy shorts that is pink in colour.. dun hav. sad. lolx. still can buy next time. got one that is pink in my mind. bilabong the shorts. haa. but v ex sia.. anyone wan buy me? kiddin.
guess wat!? according to my weighing[dunno how to spell] scale at home. me drop 2 kg. that means from 40 to 38. hoho. hope that weighing scale accurate one. lolx.
and ya noe again.. swimming in a cold weather can become more tan faster. isn't that strange? well, according to myself lah. the first time i swim kinda hot but i no bcum black.. but the second time swimming in a cold weather, i bcum darker. heh.
know new friend ytd. hehe.

25 hours 14 minutes

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