December 4, 2003

so, today me go arcade again. hai.. cannot make it.
at first, me was at home but later meet anna. she bring her sis to ytcc for tutorial and we went off. at around 6 30, we must go back and bring her sis.
today the arcade alot of ppl. tat b cos it's 4 plus. haa. so we played beat mania first. den daytona.. ddr and para! ddr ar.. i wont ever play it in lot 1 again.. unless there really little ppl! and not with skirt! haa.. me really v lan leh.. so malu. and i tot para we have been promoted to freestyle.. but who noes.. when i play, second stage die. lolx.
tml gonna go swimming! v excited leh.. i long time no swim liao.. about 1 year plus?? the swim suit also v small.. then is like v funny. hope the swimming pool wont hav so much ppl. it will be damn paiseh. haa.

13 days

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