July 12, 2009

Finally &&SuperLongPost

There's this hinge of sadness and a little bitterness..

That day my hair turn blonde.

I cant remember when but weeks ago during work I wore a wig and this particular shade. Bryan Lim commented I was Lady Gaga. Lol. Then I know how I exactly look if my hair was that color. Snap snap time!

Smile for the camera! (:


Anyways, I'm glad my Asus EePC is functioning again. The repair centre person told me they change its mainboard. Lucky enough there's no need for reformatting and my pictures are all safe. Anyone miss my face or peekures? HEHEH.

Some time ago someone or some of Thoo's friends told me they saw my picture in a shop. They told me it's some American Apparel shop then I came to realise..

It was the shirt I made for Hei during her 21st. They told me to wear and took a picture of it, so they can wash out and keep a record of their design and etc. And TATA, my face appear in the shop if you ever took notice. LOL.

The shop is call Ministry of Press. You can choose your own size and color of shirt. Besides that you can choose or request to customize your very own shirt. It'll be great for a gift ya? Ideas, ideas and ideas.

It's located at Far East Plaza, either level three or four. Do check the shop out or you can help me check if my picture is still there. HAH. And yes, I went to the shop that particular day and the guy couldnt recgnise me. He said I look pretty different compare to that day.


Lots of stuff happens when my computer is down. Alot of pictures have yet to be update. Though I dont take as much pictures like I used to, a little little still add up to one huge mountain. Woohoo.

First up, I went for Foreign Bodies camp(but only for day one).

I didn exactly interact much with the grand junoirs but I'm glad to see alot of different faces. When I look at them playing hygenic kissing game, it makes me think of my year camp. Time flies so fast that I'm a grand senoir and it's been two years since I dance. Sometimes I feel like going back to the past where things seems simple and it wasnt so I-dont-know.

Anyway, picture with Hakim's spongebob!

Scot, Zul and Arisa posing for the camera.

Bun posing for the camera.

Then I didn went for second and third day of camp, I kind of regretted 'cos I didn make an effort to bond with Fbodz peeps. AH YES, now then I know FBODZ means Featuring Best Of Dancerz. Cool eh? I always thought Fbodz is short form for Foreign Bodies.

Ah wait, maybe it means both.


I went to watch Jim Bean Competition at Double O for both heats and finals too. I like the lightnings and watch the different group dance.. but I dont exactly go club and seriously dont understand how fun or nice a club is. It feels turned off when that I saw this couple grinding like nobody business, cant they just find some quiet place or behind close doors? Omg, Lol.

With Shut Up Boys.

With Baoxin and Veron.

With Keith and Veron, we're the white shirt or office people that day. Eheheh.


Talking about The Big Groove, that day was gay(purple) day. For your info, gay can means happy too.

Coincidently, when I walked out of house and met Thoo.. I feel awkward. Both of us happen to wear purple and it feels like we did it on purpose to wear 'couple color'. Lol. After Thoo and me went to meet Aud, she wore purple too! HAHA.

At that point of time I dont know why I feel less awkward. Then the three of us laugh how purple we are and said we are going to perform. We're the early bird! xD

We reached that at around two plus three so to ensure a good seat. We're like some typical kiasu singaporean but we never cut queue hoh. Tsk tsk.

Anyway, some random speech I depict..

Jess: Wah lau, when it going to start? I am bored LEH.
Aud: Aiyah, be patience LAH.. Tahan abit.. abit MORE.


Some say Aud and me look alike, true or not?

With Thoo, love! (:

With Sabby.

With Fion.

With Chan, Kevin and Keith.

..plus Lavone and Suria.

Getting excited..

Look at Aud. Lol.

Orange-y Thoo and me.

Chubby me.

Then it marked the end of TBG'09.


Since now there's senoir classes, I'm glad and find time to go down. For super long I haven practice and take picture at E313, so much memories in there. And I seldom go down school already since graduation.. I really miss.

Promoting my smiley, with a new nose.

Smell Mr Happy, Smile.

"My roots".

I miss you Foreign Bodies!
..I miss everything right from the start. I miss junoir days at aerobics room practising, I miss supper at S11, I miss chilling at town, I miss after school meetups, I miss dancework days with Re:Flec(I miss machi and converse gold jersey), I miss camps, I miss Fbodz Production 2008, I miss open house, I miss jam and hop, I miss club crawl, I miss lunch time performances, I miss A239 and E313, I miss my monsmons, I miss Taiwan, I miss so much so much..

..till I feel like getting back the passion that used to be burning so strong.

Where've they go to?


I dont know what's wrong but I cant stop blogging.

Amza aint in Lot One's Cotton On outlet anymore, sigh. I'll update about it next time. I really like the people in Cotton On that I dont feel like looking for a full time job. They make me smile though I'm really tired(zombie mode) and dont talk much most of the time. Five straight day waking up at seven is no joke for a night owl like me.

Moolahs is important but..


And ya,
Happy Birthday PAPA and Xue!
I love you both much much.

Happy Birthday Ruby too! Yours fall on the 14th ya? Sorry I went off early during the celebrations.

All of your enjoy your birthday okay? (:


I miss you boy though I just last saw you yesterday.

Can I really be wonderwoman now?


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