May 2, 2009

Samsung Camera Project

When the clock strike twelve, all comes to an end?

Check out my new tattoo.

I received an SMS few weeks ago from Sharinces that she needed somebody to be a showgirl on the 30th for Samsung. I was glad that she told me that and I was all in red that day. There was total 5 of us and all we did was walking aroung giving out flyers. At times we need to take picture with stranger A or B to prove that we got work.

This is the flyer with mirror on it.

I seldom wear so red and was pretty high.

With Evlyn.

Guess what? My Samsung 'tattoo' got a few responses.

After I end work I didn wash away.

First, a malay work passed me and said: "Samsung SIA..". Next I was buying food from Takashimaya Tori Q and the auntie asked me where I do it and ask how much. HAHAHHA. Lastly, this shop in fareast asked if my tattoo was real and if I like Samsung very much. I laugh like mad but I guess that's the power of Samsung. You want a tattoo like this too? HEHE.

I like this shot (:

With Peiling, her friend called her kao pei. LOL.

Again I'm showing off Samsung.

Picture with strangers..

It feels like a dare.

We are so higly visible in this CBD area.

Five red girls. HAHHA.

Like I've always say..

Capture every moment, rain or shine.

I wonder will I've another chance to be showgirl again.


Walking aimlessly, in a quiet(noisy) district.

It feels pretty warmth and I couldnt explain that. It feels pretty nice to know someone would be there and to care for you. It feels kind of adrednaline rush and you dont know what you gonna do next. It feels kind of blessed.

But when again?

may day.

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