November 22, 2008

Sentosa on Sundays Part I

Around two weeks ago.. Xuan Hong, Audrey, Veron and me went to sentosa. It was another camwhore session. The sun wasnt exactly strong but we get tanned. Teehee.

You see how bad our angles are, but thank you Mr Timer.

With Audpy.

Banana Boat.

I bought papers. Lol.

Super serious eye bags.

I was trying to climb.

After, I asked XH to help me take pictures..

YES YES, I was thinking of new layout as my main pictures. Promoting my blog ya! ..and also promoting that tube top, from cotton on! Pretty ya? Lol.


Triangle relationship.

With Aud and Veron.

Now a series of pictures,

Trying to capture the sand falling!

I do love this picture.

The sun start to grow stronger and suntanning session starts.

Love the sun.

Another jump shot.. FLY!

Veron attempt to piggybag me.. Hehe.

I always emo alone..

..this time round I've got them.

Check out my flying kick..

Pretty ugly I know.


The last few pictures of this post,

..check out my chubby cheeks.

It seems like Sentosa going to be my favourite hang out soon. My interview for Cafe Del Mar finally successful(this is the second time since the previous hols when I wasnt working in Cotton On). Veron and me starting work on the coming Sunday.. Lesner there too! Woohoo. Hope it gonna be fun but I know I'll become extreme chao ta if I work there.

Big moolahs here I come, Cotton On and Cafe Del Mar.

I was super pissed of or rather am always pissed when I feel this feelings from people. It's super irritating when people say "YO check it out" or weird stares when they saw you wearing this uber baggy shirt and jeans. Or when you're wearing that shirt. Obviously they say those in a sarcastic manner.. tsk tsk.

Then I'm seriously unhappy when alot of people think of is you do nothing by dance. You dont study well, you are so damn relax. Though I always sleep in class, my gpa got at least 3 OKAY.. and I am so bloody stress too. Or rather people always have that kind of impression that we are arrogant when we do nothing. Com'on, we are just like normal people. We do study and we spend our extra time dancing. Maybe not extra time but we sacrifice our sleeping time. I'm not saying we are very WOW WOW but can you guys appreciate us? Can you guys just cheer? We work so hard for where we are now.. it's the same like how much you work hard for scoring that grade(get that stuff) and study like mad(work like mad).

We all strive for something we love, so SHOW SOME LOVE.

And yes, do reply my message too to show some love. Handphone is there for a purpose right? HOLLA, I'm addicted to show some love.. have been hearing too much of it. Lol.

Sucha bad mood..

In my dreams tonight
ballerina I'll be

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